The Beginning

The Name


127 N. Beaver St. Lisbon, OH 44432

Phone (330) 870-5305


Wednesday: 4PM - 10PM
Thursday: 4PM - 10PM
Friday: 3PM - 12AM
Saturday: 2PM - 12AM

The name of the brewery and it's meaning has been the single most asked about topic since we decided on the name. So, here is why we named it Numbers.The most wonderful thing about numbers is they have both value and meaning. They have no beginning, no end and we are all touched by them in some way. To some, numbers represent money or achievement. To others they represent a favorite date or an athlete. To us, numbers have a much deeper meaning, they represent brotherhood and a way of life. Many years ago, the founders of Numbers Brewing Company attended the same small college and happened to join the same fraternity, a few years apart. Upon initiation they were awarded roll numbers. Those roll numbers signified the successful completion of a difficult journey and their acceptance into a brotherhood that dates back more than 150 years. The roll numbers also provided each individual with a type of seniority over anyone with a higher number than theirs. That seniority would allow them to call "Numbers" for privileges such as shotgun in the car or a good seat at the bar and was often used to give each other a hard time. Therefore, we chose the name Numbers because it reminds us of time we spent at that small college, in that fraternity, with that brotherhood and how it helped to shape our futures. We also chose the name because we believe that everyone can relate to or has connection numbers.

Numbers Brewing Company was founded over a craft beer or two, on a boat, floating down the Ohio River in the summer of 2013. Brock Beatty and Jeramy DeBord, had discussed on previous occasions about the lack of craft beer options available in their area and how cool it would be to own a brewery and make beer for a living. On that day, they decided to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. A few days later they traveled across the state of OH to purchase Numbers' first brewing system, complete with a four tap keggarator. Armed with no professional brewing experience and limited finances, they began brewing beer the follow weekend. Within a few weeks they were hosting regular brew parties where they invited family and friends to watch a brew day, try the beer and solicit feedback. There were only two rules for the brew parties, bring a six pack of your favorite beer to share and give honest feedback about the beer. Needless to say the parties were a success. With recipe development well in hand and an overwhelmingly positive response to the beer, Brock and Jeramy had the confidence they needed to take the next step...